Immigration in Colombia

immigration lawyers in Colombia
Colombia, as an emerging destination for mainly retired Canadians, Americans, and Europeans has raised its percentage of people receiving their social security checks in about 85% in almost less than a decade.
This boom of retirees is reflected in the different measures that the government and private companies – like realtors – have created in the last few years.

For instance, since December 2017, the country reduced the Colombian types of visas for foreigners to only three; this in order to simplify the more than twenty possibilities that existed before that date.

The granting of these Colombia visas now will merely depend on the visit purpose.

Immigration to Colombia

General requirements to obtain the Colombia residency:

  1. Application form
  2. Copy of passport page where the personal information is
  3. Copy of the passport page where you have the last entry or exit stamp from Colombia, as appropriate
  4. Copy of the most recent and updated visa (if requested before)
  5. A certificate or a legal document stating your occupation in Colombia and your income source  
  6. Photograph (passport size): white background, 3x4cms, jpg format, max. 300KB
  7. Certificate of migratory movements issued by the Colombian Migration Department
  8. Payment of approximately $50.00 USD

Colombia Visa Requirements and Types

Colombia temporary resident visa lawyers near me

Visitor Visa or V Type

This type of visa has been exclusively created for temporary visitors (for a special event or a short visit, for example). It can be issued for a maximum of 2 years.

colombia migrant marriage visa residency

Migrant Visa or M type

The migrant type visa is for foreigners who are planning to move permanently to Colombia and have one of the following statuses:

  • Married to a Colombian citizen
  • Foreigners with a stable job in the country
  • Foreigners looking for refuge

People requesting this type of Colombian visa do not meet all the necessary requirements to apply for the Colombia resident visa type so this is their best option. The validity of this document is for a maximum of three years.   

colombia resident visa redisency

Resident Visa or R type

This Colombian visa is for foreigners who plan to permanently live in Colombia; its validity is unlimited. However, there are a few more requisites to apply for this visa:

  1. Two uninterrupted years living in the country, or
  2. Being the parent or permanent partner (spouse) of a Colombian citizen.

*** Colombia Beneficiary Visa: this type of visa will be issued to the immediate family or the economic dependents of the main holder of a visa Type “M” or “R” (in some particular cases, this will also apply for visitors visas).

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