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Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) is excited to promote expansion and development within the Colombian legal service market and business prospects. Our primary objective is to represent our client’s interests in all areas when moving or starting a new business in a foreign country where the policies and procedures can be very particular.

Our professional Lawyers of Colombia exceedingly perform sustained by their experience, competence, and vast qualifications in legal, Colombia real estate, immigration, and business affairs. We are committed to provide easiness and affability while simplifying business matters for you locally and internationally.

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Being located at the nerve center of the capital city of Bogotá, Lawyers of Colombia provides potential and current clients with the prospect of accessing the following services: relocation and visa application, business formation, investor’s assessment, and property acquisition among many others. Our Colombian attorneys here to help you explore your options, guide you through the best alternatives, and support the completion of your new home or venture dream.

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Whenever you decide to come to Colombia, we will be here for you, your family, and colleagues in line to display our wide-ranging set of services. Working hand in hand with Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) will assure you honesty, accuracy, no operational or legal risks at all, solid legal advice, and the knowledge gathered by experts who have conducted these procedures for many years in the region and understand the know-how. We possess a thorough understanding of the needs and prospects that foreign venture capital investors and expats might have when coming to Colombia for the first time.

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When you realize that working with Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) is a strategic move, you are playing it safe with a law firm that has been up-and-coming in Colombia and in many other Latin American countries as a result of local insight and a global outlook.  

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