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Before talking about doing business in Colombia, let us give you some background information about the country first. Colombia is not only famous for its well-known coffee, beautiful beaches, and memorable food. It is considered “the entrance door to South America” since it is the meeting point between Central and South America. Its megadiversity sets it among some of the few and extraordinary countries in the world which offer beaches, plains, deserts, jungles, and snow-capped volcanoes to national and international visitors all in one place.

It is the only South American country that has a coast in the Pacific Ocean as well as in the Caribbean Sea.

Colombia, however, has not always been such a have-it-all destination. Some years ago, it had a reputation for being dangerous due to political issues and drug trafficking problems. However, this has changed with time and the country is mainly known for its beauty and diversity, and its charming and gentle people. Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá, is a cultural reference point for urban art, where graffiti has blossomed throughout the years. This city is one of the highest ones in the world with an altitude of 2640 meters above sea level.

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Colombia’s economy is sustained by its famous emerald production as well as flowers, sugar, metals, textile, and coffee exports. The cost of living in this South American country is lower compared to the US and other European countries; thus, for US citizens renting a property or even investing in real estate is always an advantage. If, on the other hand, you are planning to settle down here after retirement, you will realize that the living cost, in general, is so much lower compared to the US. Hence, retirees will not face the predicament of cutting back on some particular expenses.

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Particular cities in Colombia have gained a great reputation among retired people who are looking for lovely weather, safe and peaceful neighborhoods, and reasonable prices. All these factors have positioned Colombia as one of the “top” destinations for retired people from Europe, Canada, and the US. Some media venues such as USA Today, The Huffington Post, and International Living Magazine have confirmed the fact that Colombia is considered an emerging destination for moving in. In one hand, Medellín has become an interesting attraction for middle-class retirees, on the other hand, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Villa Leyva, Barichara and some of the coffee-growing sectors have become attention-grabbing cities yet to be explored for future living purposes.

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To sum up, if your dream is to invest or to retire in Colombia, you should understand the customs, lifestyle, and local society in order to successfully achieve your plans. Once you get a comprehensive understanding of the Colombian legal and business situation, you will know for sure that Doing Business in Colombia is the best deal for you and its particular characteristics favor many alternatives such as:

Investing in Colombia

In the majority of the countries where Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) work, there is a Code or Compilation that establishes the rights and obligations that have to be followed by local and foreign companies.

Conducting business in Colombia means opening the doors to new business deals in diverse, yet exciting markets, for instance:  

Do not take risky and uninformed decisions before moving in or starting a new enterprise in Colombia. We, at Lawyers of Colombia, strongly recommend that you get acquainted with the singularities of Colombia’s legal, economic, and social system. Our team of Colombia attorneys will accompany you throughout the whole process of settling down and will secure all your future deals supported by years of expertise and local alliances.

By means of our Colombia business and legal insight, our clients gain understanding and assistance in the following areas:

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